What is the Dental Savers Plan?

The 5th South Dental Savers Plan is a discount plan that saves patients 20–50% or more off average dental treatment fees in our area. The plan pays for itself with just a teeth cleaning appointment or one tooth-colored filling!

Who is the Dental Savers Plan for?

The plan is for individuals or families who would like to save money on dental care but don’t have dental insurance.

How much does it cost to be a member?

Membership is $98 annually for an individual or $196 for an entire family (parents and children under 18).

How much will I save with this plan?

Please see the fees listed below. Average savings are from 20% to 50%. For example, a six-month check-up of exam, X-rays, and cleaning would normally cost $243, but with the Dental Savers Plan it would be $58. (Awesome, right?)

How do I sign up?

Speak with a member of our staff, and we will be happy to enroll you immediately. Feel free to download the attached form, complete it, and bring it to your next visit to 5th South Dental. Enrollment is for 12 months from the date of sign-up. You won’t find a Dental Savers Plan like this anywhere else! Let’s get you started on your journey to a beautiful smile today!

Treatment UCR Fees Dental Savers Plan
New Patient Exam $89 $0
Recall (Return) Exam $52 $0
4 Bitewings X-rays $67 $0
Panoramic X-ray $116 $0
Regular Cleaning $94 $48
Fluoride Treatment $30 $10
Sealant $57 $26
1-Surface White Filling Ant. $174 $139
2-Surface White Filling Ant. $210 $168
3-Surface White Filling Ant. $258 $207
4-Surface White Filling Ant. $322 $258
1-Surface White Filling Post. $174 $139
2-Surface White Filling Post. $240 $192
3-Surface White Filling Post. $295 $236
4-Surface White Filling Post. $352 $282
Porcelain Crown $1,162 $755
Surgical Extraction $286 $229

Download and submit our Dental Savers Plan application today!