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You can stay one step ahead of bad breath by improving your daily oral hygiene. Sticking to a consistent daily oral hygiene routine may help eliminate the problem completely. Here are six steps we recommend to keep bad breath from making its way into your mouth:

  1. Choose Your Toothpaste Wisely: Use a toothpaste that’s proven to fight cavities and plaque bacteria. Consider a toothpaste that contains fluoride as well.
  2. Floss Regularly: Does flossing help with bad breath? You bet. Flossing really does make a difference in your oral hygiene. If you want to avoid bad breath from food particles stuck in between your teeth, get some floss around your fingers and go to work to prevent bad breath. Flossing can help remove germs that can cause bad breath.
  3. An Electric Toothbrush:  An electric toothbrush does a better job of cleaning teeth than a standard brush. Brushing for two minutes, twice a day, helps remove the plaque and bacteria that can result in bad breath.  If you’re on the go and getting interesting looks, don’t be afraid to excuse yourself and run to the bathroom for a quick brush.