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Bruxism is also known as grinding and/or clenching of your teeth. It’s a very common condition that affects approximately 30 million to 40 million children and adults in the U.S.

Signs & Symptoms

If you notice any of the following symptoms, you may be experiencing bruxism:

  • Contractions of the jaw muscles
  • A grinding sound at night
  • Tight or painful jaw muscles
  • Long-lasting pain in the face
  • Swelling (occasionally) on the side of your lower jaw


Ibuprofen may help relieve any pain or swelling around your jaw caused by grinding. In some cases, your dentist may suggest taking a muscle relaxant before you go to bed to help relieve your symptoms. Another great way to help relieve pain is by using a night-guard. This can help protect your teeth at night! Talk to your dentist today for more information.