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When it comes to keeping your family's oral health in check, it is very important to ensure your they brush and floss their teeth twice a day. Keep in mind this is equivalent to being mindful of what they put in their mouth.


It's widely known that regular intake of sugary beverages is not good for your body, including your teeth. When you take a sip of your favorite juice or soda, sugar immediately latches on to your teeth. Bacteria that are normally found inside your mouth eat away at the sugar left behind. As the bacteria consume the sugar, it begins to produce acid that quickly eats away at your tooth enamel.


The best way to minimize the tooth decay that is caused by consuming sugar drinks is to avoid them as much as possible. Consider natural fruit juices as another way to provide a bit of sweetness in a healthier way. However, make sure you are purchasing real fruit juices with a juice content higher than 10 percent. Cut the fruit juice with seltzer water to further minimize the amount of sugar your family is consuming.